The Ford Transit Connect – Safest on the Road

The popular Ford Transit Connect Passenger Van is designed specifically to protect its occupants. Whether you choose the short or long wheelbase model, the Transit Connect ushers in a new day of safety. The driver assist system blends a combination of Curve Control and AdvanceTrac / Roll Stability Control (RSC). The system uses gyroscopic sensors to take micro-measurements of the vehicle movement several times a second, then automatically and selectively applies coordinated braking and engine torque to individual wheels in order to maintain a firm grip on the road, even while towing a heavy load in bad weather.

When you shift into reverse, the rearview camera gives you a clear view of the area behind the van and uses screen guides to help you line up the van. The Safety Canopy System uses multiple airbags protect the occupants from front and side impact. The high front seats offer a commanding view through the extra-large windshield, while the high-intensity headlamps provide added illumination.



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