The New Ford Focus RS Keeps You Firmly Planted On The Road

When you are looking to purchase a performance hatchback, you want more than just great acceleration and top-end speed, you also want sharp and crisp handling, so you can take those curvy country roads without letting up on the throttle too much. The new Ford Focus RS, one of the most popular compact performance hatchbacks today, provides that fantastic handling through the use of cutting-edge aerodynamics.

It starts with the front grille, which has been purposefully designed to provide downforce while the car is in motion. The unique rear spoiler combines with specialized rear diffusers to increase that downforce even further. The result is maximum grip around the corners with zero lift, keeping your tires firmly planted on the road so you can zip around even the tightest turns without fear of losing control.

Reading about the Focus RS's great handling is nice, but experiencing it for yourself is critical. Visit our showroom here at Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland for a test drive today.



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