Can Overheating Damage Your Engine Gaskets?

Your vehicle engine produces impressive amounts of heat as it carries you from place to place. This heat must be controlled in order to prevent damage to the rest of the motor. The cooling system takes responsibility for these tasks, and it makes use of a special fluid called coolant to achieve this.

Coolant needs to be carefully contained as it makes its way through the system. At junctions between different components, the small spaces between metal parts are often bridged by special seals called gaskets.

Gaskets exist throughout your cooling system. While durable, they can be damaged by excessively high engine temperatures. If this happens, fluid leaks may develop with expensive consequences.

Gasket failure can be conquered if you carefully inspect your system components on a regular schedule. In addition, you can certainly benefit from the tools and technologies that trained and certified cooling system technicians can bring to the table. At our service center in the Ashland area, we employ experts with the skills to diagnose, repair, and replace all of your cooling system parts. For a quick, no-obligation visit, swing by Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland today.

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