OEM vs. Genuine Mufflers and Exhausts

Genuine exhaust parts are often higher-priced than OEM, but are they worth it? The Genuine part comes in a box with the car maker’s logo. The OEM part is made by the original part manufacturer, but does not have the auto manufacturer’s logo.

Many people think that a Genuine part means that it was made by the auto manufacturer, but in truth, most are made by subcontractors. The auto manufacturer only assembles the parts in many cases. An OEM part is often made by the same manufacturer as Genuine parts, but some makers have several subcontractors for the same part. The only difference is whether they put the auto manufacturer’s logo on it, or use their branding.

At Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland, our team can look at your situation and help you make the best choice for your next muffler and exhaust system.

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