Air Filters Let You And Your Car Breathe Easy

Just like a human being, a vehicle needs clean air to function properly. Air filters block dirt, debris, and chemicals from infiltrating the vehicle's engine and cabin.

The vehicle's engine relies on a certain mixture of gas and air to achieve optimal performance. The engine air filter ensures that the engine receives clean air, preventing the engine from breaking down over time. Routine checks and replacement of engine air filters lead to healthy, long-lasting engines.

The cabin of a vehicle can become susceptible to dirt and debris brought in by passengers or open windows. Keeping the vehicle clean and dust free goes a long way to maintaining air quality in the cabin. However, cabin filters block dirt and debris from entering through the air conditioning system. Keeping these filters up to date provides an appropriate level of air quality.

Engine and cabin air filters can be checked and replaced quickly by the Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland service center. They will also make sure that the housing components are clean and the air filtration system is performing at its best.

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