2018 Ford Fusion Primed to be Your Next Car

Some cars demonstrate a tradition of excellence through design, performance and safety innovation. The 2018 Ford Fusion is one of those rare models that we recommend to drivers of all backgrounds in the Ashland, OH area. For years, the Fusion has been known as a highly reliable car that holds up well and has a strong resale value. However, this year Ford is taking it to the next level.

The 2018 Fusion model is spacious and is touted for its great level of comfort when driving.

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Ford Focus Explodes Because of an Air Freshener

This recent headline may be all the reason you need to stick with a classic tree-shaped car freshener... or just enjoy the natural smell of your vehicle. A woman driving an old first-generation Ford Focus in the U.K. was lucky to survive the explosion that blew her windshield 30 feet into the air, and forced the doors off their hinges.

The cause? An air freshener she had put in the back seat.

Technically, the product was not designed for use in encloses spaces…

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2017 Ford Focus RS is a Winner in the Eyes of

Has the hot hatchback class been calling your name? Well, if so, we here at Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland suggest you do yourself a favor, and say hello to ours, the 2017 Focus RS.

Could it be a match made in automotive heaven?

Check the clip below to make that decision. Here now to highlight the best qualities of the Focus RS is Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

Talk about a fully loaded trim level -- the Focus RS's is all that and a bag of chips!

Standard equipment includes partial leather upholstery, front Recaro sport seats…

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Enjoy an adventure of epic proportions with the Ford Escape

We're not ready to say sayonara to the summer months here at Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland. There's still at least one more solid month to plan out and enjoy some adventures of epic proportions, and there's no better way to do so than with the 2017 Ford Escape.


No matter where you go, the Intelligent 4WD in the #FordEscape will help you get there.

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The Ford Escape offers a smooth, steady ride with 168 horsepower, 170 pound-feet of torque and…

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MotorWeek Exalts the 2017 Ford Explorer

Are you scouring the full-size crossover class for your next vehicular purchase? Well, if so, we here at Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland would be downright delighted to introduce you to ours, the 2017 Explorer.

And what is it that this big-bodied beaut brings to the table?

The pundits over at MotorWeek are here to provide you with the need-to-know information. Ride out with them in the clip below:

In base form, the Explorer receives a 3.5-liter V6 engine as standard.

Matched to a six-speed automatic transmission, the entry-level engine produces a peppy 290 horsepower and 255 pound-feet of…

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Auto Financing Advice You Can Trust

Here at Donley Ford Lincoln of Ashland, we want to make sure our customers have a hassle-free and painless car-buying journey. That's why we have an in-house financing department, staffed with auto financing experts you can count on to steer you the right way.

Not sure whether you want to buy or lease your next new car? Our team can help you understand the key difference between the two and help you decide which is better for your lifestyle.

Should you choose to go with purchasing your new car, we can help you secure the best deal around. Simply…

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Make Sure You are Really Ready for That Road Trip

When you get ready to go on a road trip, there are some things you should remember to do.

First off, make sure that you take a few minutes to do your pre-check. Check your tire pressure, your fluids, and make sure that you start out with a full tank of gas. You should also get your oil changed if it is due or almost due, since it will be overdue by the time you get back from your trip most likely. Be sure to also have an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle (at all times and not just…
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Make Sure Your Tires are Safe

As a certified dealership service technician, I can say that I only trust the service of my vehicle to the other service technicians. I want impartial eyes to determine the safety of my car, so I have to give this advice to other people. I give impartial advice that effects the safety and proper operation of our vehicles from the engine to the tires. Everyone has heard of engine service, but no one talks about having your tires serviced.

Tires are at least one half of your braking capabilities, so their proper functioning and maintenance is paramount, and so is…
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